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During the Intern Orientation at Pegasystems, I learned about the company as well as its products but came to value even more its company culture and above all people whom I can now call family.

During this summer internship, I had the opportunity to meet people from all around the world as I took part in several workshops for Sales Professionals where I delivered coaching content in form of presentations. This enriching experience allowed me to broaden my horizons regarding work ethic in different countries such as in Japan and Australia. I grew to be more sensitive when it comes to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. I was able to adapt my behavior in respect to my peers and deliver presentations accordingly. Ultimately, I was honored with the “Adaptability Award” as my colleagues recognized and valued this quality with which I was able to perform my work successfully.

As I was in the Sales department, I was assigned my project: to revamp the Sales Leader Onboarding process. From my various meets and workshops, I gathered several key field observations that I believed would help a new Sales hire perform efficiently and successfully in satisfying a customer.

With a fresh perspective that my team came to greatly value, I finalized a checklist for setting up events. For example, this checklist could help motivate a new employee to take the initiative in creating a workshop. In order to be successful in this task, I incorporated feedback from various colleagues in terms of the format of the document and its content.

In addition, I compiled a Sales Methodology deck that would help New Sales Leaders in the onboarding process. As Pegasystems greatly values interconnectedness between platforms, I synthesized and presented in a clear manner the necessary resources and tools to successfully onboard a Sales Leader from four relevant wesbites. Furthermore, I ran two simulations of how the new onboarding process would look like and presented it in front of 30 executives from whom I had previously gathered feedback. By visualizing the appearance of the new interface, I could communicate clearly my vision for the new Sales Leader experience.

I also analyzed several reports in which I identified gaps in terms of performance and requirements for several Sales Leaders. As a result, I identified the areas of coaching that these leaders would need to undergo in order to improve and set up coaching sessions. Furthermore, I assisted in the creation of 3 coaching documents for Sales Leaders regarding scoring cards, forecasting and sales team management. I believe that these contributions have been meaningful as Pegasystems greatly values talent since it translates into a successful company.

One of the highlights of this internship was Volunteer Day where we had the opportunity to to help clean a nearby island. I believe that this experience greatly reinforced our team working skills. We had the opportunity to learn the history of the island and be closer to nature by helping our environment become cleaner.

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