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In this internship, I had the opportunity to engage with the marketing intelligence team as well as the wealth management team.
I believe this experience was enriched by the fact that I was immersed in what are two sides of the same coin.

On one hand, I developed and refined several marketing strategies for the bank that can be applied to their respective client profile. For example, in order to successfully communicate with a potential client, one needs to propose an appropriate banking service depending on their wants and needs as well as financial situation. As a result, I created and presented a document that included different marketing strategies for different banking services and indicated which one would supposedely be most successful for each customer profile.

On the other side with the wealth management team, I experienced first-hand client exposure by compiling different analyses for different protfolio profiles. This allowed me to better understand the objectives and end results that the clients are looking for.

In a way, I was able to connect my work in both departments that proved to be insightful. By refining my prorfolio management skills, I could pinpoint the gaps in what clients aspired to achieve and their current situation.

I applied what I learned in the wealth management department to the marketing intelligence department by understanding what and how to communicate to the customers depending on their profile. For example, I created social media content that would attract the customers’ attention by understanding what the current general customers wish to achieve. In addition the social media content is an efficient channel to build the brand value. In this instance, I incorporated the bank’s green intitiatives and its financial excellence in the social media content as it proved to matter to clients.

Nevertheless, this proved to be challenging as I tried to create content that would be concise and to the point while still informing the consumer of the advantages that he or she would hope to gain. Furthermore, with social media content, in order to drive traffic, I generated a wide array of templates that I think would have attracted the customers’ attention. For this process, I worked with my team efficiently and incorporated their feedback by running several drafts through them.

Above all, I practiced my linguistic skills by translating documents from Spanish to English and vice versa.

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